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5 things to consider when renting an apartment in District 7

Posted by Housingsgn on November 14, 2019

Moving into a new apartment is equally stimulating and nerve-wracking when you want everything to be perfect, from the location, the layout to the amenities and, obviously, the overall price. Not to mention, if you are searching for an apartment to rent in District 7 or areas nearby, you are facing an endless list of options. For that reason, before finding your dream apartment and jumping into any decision, there are a handful of factors you must seriously consider.

Here at, it’s our job to work with various types of properties together with tenants and landlords. On that account, we know all the ins and outs of apartments for rent in District 7, and we are eager to share our insights.

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Let’s get to grips with the location – District 7

5 things to consider when renting an apartment in District 7

Location is perhaps the most significant factor to take into consideration before committing to a property. District 7 is well known to East Asian, Western tourists and expats as the home of prestigious schools and universities as well as a wide range of convenient shops and restaurants.

Initially designed as a Western district residential neighborhood, the area prides itself on rental spaces and villas for those who appreciate a luxurious lifestyle. One of its highlights is Phu My Hung area where the best accommodations and residences are found. It’s a great location to comprehensively enjoy the diverse life found within Ho Chi Minh.

Make sure you can afford it

This is a major one – the price. Not just on account of your spending limit, you also need to estimate if the price requested for the unit is decent and worthy for what it offers. Before you sign a lease, do comparison within neighborhood. Does the price mark a huge gap to other rentals in the area? If it is more expensive, check whether it includes facilities that make it worth the extra.

Meet your property manager and potential neighbors

5 things to consider when renting an apartment in District 7

It is crucial to have dependable and reliable landlords and neighbors. Your landlord and neighbors can be make-or-break factors in your hunting for apartments for rent in District 7. You need the full support of a trustworthy company if there should arise emergencies or general maintenance.  If you have a terrible landlord with a bad ethics, you may wind up in your very own rental nightmare.

In condition, you don’t want any surprise from your new neighbors such as the ungodly loud volume, or disturbing eccentricity. Visit the neighborhood, ask around, do research to see if the apartment is in a high security area and whether it suits your lifestyle.

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Go over exactly what utilities are covered and seriously consider the amenities

Renting an apartment with full-package facilities included saves a lot of money and effort, therefore be crystal clear on what you are getting and what you aren’t. Water, electric, gas and internet? When you don’t have to stress over extra cash to cover internet or electric bills, managing your monthly expenses come to be considerably easier.

Ask your property manager whether utilities are calculated in your monthly rent and if not, don’t mind asking how much money you should pay for them. Make a checklist on building costs (water, trash, maintenance), pet fees, utilities, cable and internet services. They are all important tidbits to consider when you do the math.

Before you sign, read carefully

Once you’ve found your dream apartments for rent in District 7, be sure to read the fine print on the lease. Included amenities, previous damages and additional fees should all be there. The lease term and the monthly payments ought to be plainly stated.

Before you sign, ensure you thoroughly understand the contract. Do you know the cost of breaking the lease? Are you permitted to sublet during travels? Those are questions you should answer before signing. Now that you know the determining factors to find your dream spot, start hunting with us at!

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