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Co Ba Saigon Rooftop Coffee: Vintage, River view, and more…

Posted by Housingsgn on July 22, 2022

For a long time, coffee has become an indispensable habit of Saigonese. Staying in the middle of crowded streets, immersing in the nostalgic space, and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at Co Ba Saigon Rooftop Coffee will bring you unforgettable memories.

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Prime location

Co Ba Saigon Rooftop Coffee

Located on the top roof of a modern building in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, but Co Ba Saigon Coffee pursues the vintage, gentle style of the 80s century. The gentle beauty and bold nostalgia has left a deep impression in the hearts of people as well as tourists all around the world.

Co Ba Saigon Coffee

Due to its prime location, finding the way to the restaurant is also quite easy and convenient. From the parking alley (Dong Khoi – Ngo Duc Ke intersection), you have to go around Dong Khoi Street. Then, going to No2-No6 buildings you will immediately see a small signboard “Co Ba Rooftop coffee“. Push the door to enter, press the elevator to the 5th floor and you have arrived.

For your exploring

Bold vintage-style space

Vintage space of Co Ba Saigon Coffee

Unlike the crowded and bustling Saigon streets, entering the restaurant is like being lost in another world, quieter and more airy. A place for you to stop or escape the sweltering summer heat. You will enjoy the nostalgic space in the warm golden light and melodious Bossa Nova tune.

The space is designed in a rustic, old-fashioned style. Recalling the beautiful, idyllic image of Saigon in the past. When it first started operating, the restaurant attracted great attention. Especially among young people who like to “live slowly” and love cultural experiences.

Chill with Co Ba Saion Rooftop Coffee

Customers will have to admire the unique decor items here. Sophisticated, over a hundred years old like a brass dial phone, an 80’s cup car or a phonograph powered by a vinyl record. In the midst of modern and bustling Saigon, this place still retains the ancient features mixed with green space.

All of this makes the young people who have fallen in love with Saigon even more passionate about this land. Urging each person not only to love the people and the land here, but also to love the cultural and spiritual values preserved in each “antiquity” bearing the breath of Saigon.

The unique River view

River view from Co Ba Saigon Coffee

The most impressive thing when coming to Co Ba Saigon cafe is the beautiful view of Saigon from above. At each time of the day, the river view will have its own unique and attractive features. Especially in the evening, diners will be able to see the brightly lit passenger boats. Boats drifting quietly on the river bring a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Besides, Co Ba Saigon Coffee will be the perfect choice for those who want to take “virtual living” photos in a nostalgic, vintage style. You will have even thousands of shimmering photos to refresh your profile.

Old Saigon cuisine menu

Co Ba Saigon Coffee is full of vintage from the space to the menu. Not only taking care to give diners a cozy space, but the menu is also meticulously cared for by the owner.

Drinks menu of Co Ba Saigon

The design of the menu has a classic style. They are likened by customers to a miniature album of old Saigon. Pictures of bicycles, cyclos on the bustling streets, women in long dresses, men in painted trousers, etc. Every street and corner of Saigon also appears on the pretty small menu.

Food menu of Co Ba Saigon

With this nostalgic space, you must be wondering what dishes Co Ba Saigon Rooftop Coffee will serve, right? With an affordable price of only VND30,000 – VND99,000, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique dishes here. Let’s take a look at the restaurant’s menu!

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