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Cu Chi Tunnel

Posted by Housingsgn on February 28, 2024

Vietnam is known as a country experiencing incredibly robust economic development, this “land of opportunity” is both a homeland for expatriates returning and an ideal destination for international friends to develop their careers.

To achieve the current results, the Vietnamese people have had to endure many painful pasts, including the legendary resistance in the latter half of the 20th century – the struggle for independence against the American imperialists.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Many heroic individuals and famous places have been recognized. The most famous must be the historical relic of the Cu Chi Tunnel. For anyone wanting to explore Vietnam’s glorious history, and perhaps considering long-term settlement in the S-shaped land strip, the Cu Chi Tunnel are definitely a must-visit destination. In this content, HOUSING SAIGON will share the latest updates on addresses, transportation, and Cu Chi Tunnel tours. If interested, please join us in exploring.

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There is another interesting name for the Cu Chi Tunnel that almost every Vietnamese person would know, it’s called the “Underground Labyrinth“. And to reach one of the greatest mazes of the 20th century, you can rely on the address and transportation methods below:

Ticket Prices

  • Entrance ticket to the tourist area: VND 20,000 to 30,000 per person.
  • Ticket for tunnel exploration: VND 20,000 per person.
  • Games: VND 50,000 per person.

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnel?

The Cu Chi Tunnel are approximately 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City center. To visit the Cu Chi Tunnel, you can choose from various transportation options:

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnel?

Motorbike, self-driving car

From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you can take the route from Ben Thanh Market through Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, then continue on Truong Chinh Street, An Suong Bridge, National Highway 22, Ba Trieu Street, Trung Nu Vuong Street, etc. Then continue straight to Hoc Mon town, cross Sang Bridge, follow provincial road 15, cross Tan Quy intersection, Ben Nay Bridge, Phu Hoa Dong Market to reach the historical site of Cu Chi Tunnel.


If you have a lot of luggage and want a comfortable and convenient trip, then a taxi might be the most suitable option. However, you should also consider carefully because for the 70 km stretch from the city center, taxi fare will range from VND 500,000 to 600,000 per trip.


If you have plenty of time on your trip and want to save costs, then the bus is also considered a suitable option. Tourists can go to Ben Thanh Market and take bus route 13 to Cu Chi Bus Station, then continue by bus 79 to Cu Chi Tunnel. The bus journey takes about 2 and a half hours so if you have time, this is a good option.

Canoe, boat

This will definitely be the most unique and exotic means of visiting the Cu Chi Tunnel. In addition, this mode of transportation can also help tourists comfortably enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river and check-in on the boat.

Places to visit

Places to visit at Cu Chi Tunnel

To avoid spoiling your curiosity and exciting experiences that you’re about to have, we’ll just list the most attractive places at Cu Chi Tunnel:

  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • War zone reenactment area
  • Shooting range
  • Simulated East Sea bathing area
  • Trung An fruit garden
  • Wild animal rescue station

What to eat at Cu Chi Tunnel?

What to eat at Cu Chi Tunnel?

Many experienced travelers guiding tours to Cu Chi Tunnel express their enthusiasm for the numerous delicious eateries and interesting dishes along the routes to this tourist destination. Specifically, you can enjoy some of the following dishes:

Minh Quy pork hock vermicelli

This would be an ideal dish for breakfast to start your journey to explore the Cu Chi Tunnel. The eatery is open all day, so you can enjoy it anytime.

Boiled sweet potatoes with salt dip

This dish is closely associated with many locals and soldiers living under these tunnels. Therefore, many tourists have tasted this dish to somewhat experience the authentic life under the tunnels.

Cu Chi beef jerky

Beef jerky processed into various delicious dishes is also very famous in Cu Chi. You can easily find this dish at many eateries along the way to Cu Chi Tunnel.

Various sweet soups

After your journey exploring the tunnels, you can enjoy various sweet soups with rich flavors typical of Southern people with your family and friends.

Durian sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice stalls here are open from 6 am to 8 pm, priced at only 10,000 VND/glass. Tourists can choose this refreshing drink while touring the Cu Chi Tunnel.

Wishing you wonderful and exciting experiences at Cu Chi Tunnel and any other tourist destinations you plan to visit. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Have a great day!

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