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For most expats, Covid-19 has created some constraints to food supplies and shoppings, especially when you are new to the country. One of the constraints is the finance. You will need to spend more when buying food during this time at the market, or supermarket, which will eventually increase your budget.

How can I buy food during the Covid 19 lockdown?

Housing Saigon believes this is a common question among ex-pats in Saigon during the Covid-19 lockdown. We are using all of our resources to support our customers and homeowners this time. But, Housing Saigon also wants to share the information we know about food buying options for foreign friends who are living in Saigon today.

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1. SHOPPING ON Community Pages on Facebook

Buy food during Covid 19 lockdown

As you all know, we are facing restrictions on online purchases and delivery. Currently, the most effective and fastest option for you is to join the Community Pages on Facebook with the name “residential community of the area (ward, district,…) or building” you live in.

Residents in the same area will often use this Facebook group to sell goods, they can trade and deliver common foods and groceries to you within 1-3 days. If you need special help or have a shopping list already, you can also post on this group to get specific assistance.

Some other options you can try are to contact your building or area management team to ask for help with shopping. Usually, it will take 3-5 days for you to receive the item you need. They usually have a team to assist the residents with shopping since you are not allowed to go out.

Below are some community groups that we have collected for you. We hope this information will be useful to you:

2. Orders Thru phone apps

Or you can go online yourself through apps like Grab, ShopeeFood, BE, Chopp,… But please be patient, it will take maybe more time and effect because the shippers are overloaded with orders and the stores are only open for a limited time daily (from 6am-5pm).

Some tips that help them to order quickly: post a request with clear illustration pictures; ask to join neighborhood group on FB or Zalo, ask landlords to connect with government food delivery supporters. Below are some community groups that we have collected for you. We hope this information will be useful to you.