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How does video game become necessary?

Posted by Housingsgn on November 21, 2019

Gaming is gradually becoming the primary force of entertainment people seek for nowadays moving from its traditional platforms of consoles and computers to the more portable options of cell phones.

However, many regions of the world still hold a great stigma against said activity despite the mounting evidence proving its benefits. Thus, this article today will serve as a brief introduction to the advantages playing video games can bring to the players on Covid-19 lockdown.

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Training relevant skills

Video game at home

It might come as a surprise to many that playing video games can truly train people in a variety of skills which could be relevant and useful in their study and daily life. For example, puzzle games and other genres that require a constant use of calculation and strategic thinking can actually teach your mind to adapt better to school subjects such as Mathematics and even raise your critical thinking ability.

Even simulation games have its purpose, these titles can introdce beginners to various stages and work assignments of a particular field or job without any interferences in form of time nor operation cost.

Effective tool of relaxation

The reason behind the rise of popularity for video games can be contributed to how effection of a tool of stress relief it is to many people. In one way to look at it, video games can be a sort of escapism.

One where you can immerse yourself in a new life and world fighting as a mercenary in a inter-galatic war or a knight in shining armor saving the princess, all work as a method to forget the burden of our own and just enjoy ourselves for a while.

Also, not all games are hardcore and action-packed as many are led to believe, there are other options of calmer and more casual alternatives on the mobible phone platform which is good for killing some free time.

A form of art

While this opinion might be controversial, video games are considered by many to be a form of high art akin to that of classical paintings and music. Its transformation to becoming such can be a bit difficult to detect aside from the player base as people’s view of it continus to deteriorate from the bad reputation it gets from the mass media.

However, if we look past that and observe video games the same as the players, we can see that modern games now possess story and composed music worthy of Oscar nominations. Admitedly, there still exist many games about mindless violence and dumb fun, we should not ignore the ones that actually make great effort.

Video games are also turning into a platform for artists and  writers to discuss topics and beliefs which can be much harder to express on the silver screen or literature.

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