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Nnice Vo Thi Sau: A party near your apartment

Posted by Housingsgn on March 28, 2020

Looking at the long journey of founding and building a name in the karaoke business in Ho Chi Minh City, Nnice Vo Thi Sau is probably one of the rarest brands that truly stand out and win customers’ hearts thanks to its ultimate business philosophy: Be Different to succeed.

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More than two decades of making the brand name

Nnice Vo Thi Sau at night

More than two decades have passed, Karaoke Nnice chain, in general, and Nnice Vo Thi Sau, in particular, has become a top of mind place of Saigon people when choosing the next entertainment venue after parties and meetings. Customers come to Nnice Vo Thi Sau to enjoy the rewarding singing experience, unique spaces, and high-quality service.

The business values constant development above all else, which means they always want to enhance and beat their own success. It is both a challenge and an opportunity to secure the position of a luxury brand.

Located in one of the most desirable areas in Saigon

Nnice Vo Thi Sau is located in district 3, one of the most well-known and must-visit areas in Saigon.  This is a perfect area for those who love the busy, constantly vibrant and energetic vibe of big cities.

Thanks to the convenient transportation system and diverse public amenities, it has become one of the most desirable areas in Saigon. Plus, you can easily find a fully furnished apartment for rent in District 3 once you appreciate and enjoy the pleasing atmosphere there.

Luxurious space and high-class services

Nnice Vo Thi Sau karaoke room

Nnice Vo Thi Sau is carefully invested and meticulously designed from the lobby, the corridor to the theater room. Every little detail shows the enormous devotion and desire of the business owner to value and enhance customers’ experiences. Don’t forget to take advantage of this and take some iconic group photos to spice up your karaoke experience.

Advanced sound systems

Another special feature that customers can hardly find in any other karaoke chain is the top quality sound systems at Nnice Vo Thi Sau. All the rooms are soundproofed and equipped with professional sound systems of the world’s leading electronics companies, and installed following international standards.

In particular, Nnice Vo Thi Sau owns a “mix & match” lighting system, uniquely designed to change according to songs. Get ready to have a brand new experience and a pleasant surprise after each song.

Meticulously prepared menu

Contributing to Nnice Vo Thi Sau’s enviable reputation is the menu set. The chef creates everything on the menu from scratch. The food and drinks here are meticulously prepared and exquisitely served to ensure each dish an artistic display that showcases their mastery of techniques and flavors.

Nnice Vo Thi Sau offers a rich menu, from pure Vietnamese classic cuisine to elegant Western dishes. It will surely bring you pleasant feelings and memorable experiences.

Professional service staff

The service staff and technical staff are well-trained, thoughtful, and dedicated to providing the best service to customers. It will be an ideal yet decisive choice for you to organize parties or important meetings with your business partners.

With all of the above advantages, Nnice Vo Thi Sau is all you need for a good night. It is no place for you to feel shy or uncomfortable. On the contrary, the experience will help you explore and awaken your unknown potentials. All in all, the place is worthy of your visit.

If you like the area and look for an apartment for rent in District 3, you can refer to the information on our website: to find your dream apartment soon.


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