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Kindly note that our serviced apartments require a minimum stay of 6 months, while our condos require a minimum stay of 12 months, subject to terms and conditions. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

    VỊ TRÍ

    Chung cư Trần Quốc Thảo, Quận 3. Thuận tiện di chuyển đi hết các Quận trung tâm Sài Gòn. Khu vực an ninh với nhiều tiện ích xung quanh (chợ Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, trường đại học sư phạm, công viên ven sông, bệnh viện Q3, tai mũi họng và siêu thị,…)

    Bạn đã rất lâu săn tìm một căn hộ độc – lạ – tiện để an cư. Đây là căn hộ bạn cần đầu tư ngay, dù để ở hay cho thuê. Căn chung cư nhỏ được thiết kế tỉ mỉ đồng thời mang nhiều sự táo bạo và phá cách của người trẻ dám nghĩ dám làm.


    • Giá bán: 2.5 tỷ đồng
    • Diện tích: 50m2 + gác – 1 phòng ngủ, 1 phòng tắm, không gian bếp và phòng khách liên kết mở, ban công & cửa sổ lớn
    • Sổ hồng đầy đủ
    • Tiện ích chung cư: bãi giữ xe, thang máy, bãi giữ xe, thang bộ.


    Do I have to pay for the agent services?

    No and Yes. There is no agent service fee but we start charging a small amount for the second viewing of the apartments/houses that you want to re-check conditions (for our transportation cost). Please, read the next question for more detailed information.

    How much do I pay for pick-up fees?

    Our apartment viewing pick-up service includes comprehensive pick-up and drop-off assistance for up to five destinations (houses/buildings) within a transportation range of 20km or less. The cost of the service is $50 (or VND1,200,000) per use.

    Below is a table of our pricing for apartment viewing pick-up service:

    Number of Destinations Transportation Range Price
    Up to 5 20km or less $50

    What is the minimum length of stay?

    Our minimum length of stay is Six – 06 months or more (upon terms and conditions). Please contact us for specific information.

    How far in advance can I rent?

    Nomarlly, the landlord is only comfortable waiting for one month with a certain amount of deposit.

    Do you require a deposit?

    Yes, you are required a security deposit of two month’s rent on the move in date of your stay. For some serviced apartments, one month deposit is also acceptable.

    How much do I pay for fees?

    There are the common fees that you have to pay when settling in Saigon.

    No Type of fees Price/unit (USD)
    1 Electric From VND2,500 to 4,000/kWh
    2 Water $4.5/person
    3 Internet From $15 to $20
    4 Cable From VND150,000 to 500,000 (depending on each packages)
    5 Apartment service fee $0.7-1.0/m2/month (for high-rise building only)
    6 Bike Parking $7.0/month
    7 Car Parking $90/month

    Guide: Please access this articles: Monthly utility bills for condos and apartments in Saigon, for more detail.

    Do I have to pay for the utilities?

    We would like to inform you that the usual practice is for the utilities of the apartment building to be included in the management fee payment. However, in certain projects such as City Garden, Saigon Pearl, Thao Dien Pearl, and Terra Royal, additional fees may be required to access the swimming pool and gym facilities.

    We understand that you may require further information and we encourage you to contact us for assistance. Alternatively, our consultants will be happy to provide you with detailed information during your apartment tour.

    Thank you for considering our services and we look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

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