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Solutions on renting a Saigon apartment for young adults

Posted by Housingsgn on November 9, 2019

Young adult struggling with unaffordable rent is yet a persistent story in the context of rising housing prices in Saigon and financial incapacity. Balancing financial expenses to live in a proper space is a common concern of many young people, especially for those in an early career stage.

In fact, for the last 5 years, housing prices in Ho Chi Minh City are rising uncontrollably, while the accumulated financial resources of young people are limited. With an average income of 7-10 million VND/month between the ages of 20-25 years old, renting a Saigon apartment is such a daunting experience. Not to mention their savings can’t seem to keep up with the increase of real estate prices.

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So what should young people keep in mind when renting a Saigon apartment?

Solutions on renting Saigon apartment

Consider an apartment around 50m2

It is not necessary to live in a big apartment, therefore, the most reasonable space is approximately 50m2, which is sufficient for 1 person and even roommates. You can easily find a 50m2 apartment on

Consider a roommate

It is even better to have someone to share your financial burden. The ideal would be your friend or someone you know, if not, try to get to know the person thoroughly before inviting them to live with you.

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Spend up to 30% maximum of the total income for rent

Solutions on renting Saigon apartment

As for renters, they commonly spend 20-25%, even 30% of income. The rest have to be spent for your daily expenses.

Living quality of the apartment is extremely important

Just because your budget is tight, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a terrible, uncomfortable or even dangerous spot. If you buy a house too remote from the city center or too far away from work, it is a huge obstacle. Therefore, you have to evaluate vital factors such as transportation, traffic jams, amenities, utilities and neighborhood.

Multiple income streams or passive income

Adding multiple income streams can lend a hand to increase your earnings and accelerate your financial status. You should start thinking about finding a few side projects, some freelance jobs or investment opportunities.

Renting a Saigon apartment is not an easy decision for young people, however, if you look hard enough and balance out your expenses and income, you’ll find your dream spot.

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