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Top 8 best delicious food stalls in Ba Chieu market

Posted by Housingsgn on July 31, 2022

Ba Chieu Market is famous not only because of its history but also because there are many delicious dishes that are hard to resist. Let’s take a look at 8 delicious food stalls at Ba Chieu market with Housing Saigon.

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1. Ba Chieu chicken sticky rice

Ba Chieu chicken sticky rice

Referring to Ba Chieu, people will immediately think of delicious chicken sticky rice. Just about 1$ for a box that everyone must be shocked by because the chicken piece is quite large, the meat is soft, the skin is crispy and eaten with a fragrant sauce. It is always crowded, but the staff works very quickly, so make sure not to keep customers waiting for a long time.

2. 6K sweet soup

6K sweet soup

The sweet soup is fragrant and delicious. In fact, if you pay close attention, you will find that the sweet soup has a special taste. It’s already over after eating it, but the sweet soup has two different tea dishes every day. The 6K sweet soup is easy to find, but it will be a bit inconvenient when it’s crowded, there won’t be enough seats, so it’s more convenient to takeaway or order at home.

3. Snails with milk sauce

Snails with milk sauce

This snail sidewalk restaurant is always crowded, if you want to eat, you have to be quick, not too soon. Every dish here is delicious, but surely you can’t miss the egg scallops that everyone has to order a part to try.

4. Fried Beef Offal (Phá Lấu)

Fried Beef Offal

Fried Beef Offal with stir fried water morning glory with garlic is fragrant, and the fatty broth flavored with coconut milk is served with hot crispy bread. In the afternoon, coming home from work, feeling hungry then stopping by to eat is delicious. There is also a regular dish of VND15,000/cup, and VND17,000/cup for Fried Beef Offal.

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5. No47 restaurant

No47 restaurant

No47 restaurant sells a variety of snacks such as beef offal, cheese sticks, wontons, egg tarts, spaghetti, .. The restaurant is quite clean and the highlight comes from the cash register like the rapping of the women owner, more fun than ever. The price is very cheap, ranging from VND5,000 to VND25,000/dish.

6. Huyen Steamed Broken Rice

Huyen Steamed Broken Rice

Also known as the gosht steamed broken rice because the shop only sells from the evening to 3 am, especially attracting guests who like to live at night. The ribs here are very big, cooked evenly, soft but not dry. There are also sausages, shumai, fried egg, etc. Previously, the shop sold on the sidewalk on the main street. Now it has moved to an alley but it’s easy to find. Part of the price ranges from VND25,000 to VND35,000.

7. Bun Mam Tai

Bun Mam Tai

Bun Mam (Vietnamese fermented fish noodle soup). The restaurant is always crowded, to enjoy this noodle dish, you have to park your car on the main street then walk to the market. The bowl of vermicelli is full and very attractive, especially the rich broth with a lot of food. Full bowl is VND45,000.

8. Nem Nuong Anh Thuy – Grilled Pork Sausage

Nem Nuong Anh Thuy

Anh Thuy’s grilled pork sausage noodle stall in Ba Chieu market has been selling for quite a while. In addition to grilled pork vermicelli, there are also cakes. The food stall is open from morning to 5-6 pm. If there is a party at home or a BBQ, you can order her grilled spring pork sausages. Prices range from VND15,000 to VND35.000.

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