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Van Thanh tourist village Binh Thanh: A-Z review

Posted by Housingsgn on August 1, 2022

Van Thanh tourist village is a very popular attraction in Saigon. If you are planning to find a weekend getaway, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, make a schedule of fun at Van Thanh tourist village.

Van Thanh tourist village

Traveling to Saigon, visitors have countless ideal entertainment and entertainment spots. Van Thanh tourist village is being widely reviewed today. What’s so attractive here, what’s delicious to eat, what’s fun to play, that attracts so many tourists? All will be revealed shortly in this article!

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Where is Van Thanh tourist village?

How much is the ticket price for Van Thanh tourist area? Currently, the place is offering free entrance tickets. However, when visitors use the services here, there will be separate ticket prices.

A brief of history

Van Thanh tourist village was established by the People’s Committee of Binh Thanh District in 1985 with the aim of being a place of entertainment and entertainment for people such as football fields, picnic lawns, river cruises, etc. Until 1998, this place was handed over to Gia Dinh tourism company.

Since then, Van Thanh tourist village has been renovated, rearranged the landscape as well as added many attractive cuisines of the 3 regions to serve visitors. This place has the rustic beauty of a Vietnamese village with a breath of modernity. With more than 20 years of establishment and development, this place is now becoming an attractive destination for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful space in the middle of the city of Saigon.

What’s interesting?

Outdoor camping

Outdoor camping at Van Thanh tourist village

Van Thanh tourist village has an area of ​​up to 77,000m2, close to the city center, so this place becomes a familiar and attractive meeting place for many young people. If you want to save money and enjoy your favorite dishes, you can prepare your own food and bring a picnic mat. If you want to enjoy a private space to chat with friends, you can go to restaurants or rent a hut.


Fishing at Van Thanh tourist village

Traveling in Van Thanh tourist village, visitors will have the opportunity to show the talent of a “fisherman” with a super attractive fishing service. The small huts built right on the lake are very suitable for you to let go. Find yourself a “hardcore” and leisurely enjoy this elegant pleasure.


Swimming at Van Thanh tourist village

Van Thanh tourist village owns a separate area for the swimming pool, helping all visitors to freely struggle and immerse themselves in the cool water. The pool water here is filtered and washed regularly, so you can rest assured.

Relax, rest with fresh space

History of Van Thanh tourist village

The most obvious feeling when coming to Van Thanh tourist village is the closeness, rustic and idyllic features like returning home. The rows of green, wide and long trees give this place a fresh air that is very suitable for relaxation and rest. If you are too tired with daily life, feel suffocated with smoke and car horns, coming here, you will be relieved of all your troubles and feel like you are lost in a wonderland, escaping from the world.

Enjoy virtual check-in

Enjoy virtual check-in at Van Thanh tourist village

Traveling in Van Thanh tourist village, you will be free to shoot and keep beautiful pictures. This place is full of ideal backgrounds such as: simple, rustic thatched-roof houses, gentle and poetic Thi Nghe canal or skyscrapers behind will also make your photos real charm.

Van Thanh tourist village is truly an ideal destination for those who want to find a place to rest with fresh air, near the center of Saigon city. If you are planning to go on a weekend trip with family and friends, do not miss this attractive “steppe place”.

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