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What to do for your first time in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)?

Posted by Housingsgn on November 14, 2019

Saigon is one of the youngest and most dynamic cities in Vietnam, known as Vietnam’s business and financial hub. Many people want to visit Saigon at least once. If this is your first time in Saigon, try checking our Saigon survival guide to plan your first days in this vibrant city.

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First time in Saigon - Accommodation

The first thing, of course, find a place to stay. Saigon is well-known for its variety of housing: apartment, bungalow, villa, townhouse,… And fortunately, finding an accommodation in Saigon is quiet easy, you can access and look for your most suitable choice.

Destinations and attractions

Saigon may be known for its war museums (such as Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum), but the city area has plenty of fascinating historical sites which are suitable for all ages. The Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office are prime examples of French colonial architecture, both of which require no entrance fee.

There are also Buddhist temples and traditional markets that have been operating for hundreds of years. Best place to shop in Saigon is Ben Thanh market. Bargaining is a must-do when you’re shopping here, as initial prices stated by vendors are much higher than the goods are actually worth.

Read more about Ben Thanh market: What will you do in a crowded market of Ho Chi Minh City?


First time in Saigon - Food

“Delicious and healthy”, that’s what people say after enjoying many kinds of food in Saigon. Vietnamese baguette (banh mi Viet Nam), spring rolls (cha gio, goi cuon), broken rice (com tam),… are famous cuisines in Saigon. You can find these popular dishes in Ben Thanh market or some local restaurants.


Have you ever enjoyed a cup of coffee from a street vendor? Will it be as good as in a famous coffee shop? You can easily try and have your answer on every street in Saigon. Order a cup of black coffee (ca phe den) or iced coffee with milk (ca phe sua da), taste it and understand how Vietnamese people enjoy their lifestyle.


Busy and noisy, this is what people know about Saigon’s traffic, and it is also the specialty of this lovely city. You can get around Saigon on a taxi or motorbike, like in other cities. But, if you truly want to enjoy original Saigon, you should try getting on a cyclo.

You can easily find a cyclo service near Ben Thanh market or Nguyen Hue street. Sitting on a cyclo, going around the city and you will soon understand why we recommend you should try this on your first time in Saigon (and, also, only for the first time). This survival guide will be useful for your first-time in Saigon. Save it into your devices and enjoy your trip happily!

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