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When Saigon rent bills is unlikely to be the decisive factor?

Posted by Housingsgn on December 23, 2019

From perspectives of discerning investors, Saigon rent bills is no longer the determining factor when a certain group of customers look for apartments for rent. Instead, these days, wealthy people are more likely to be captivated by other factors such as building location, corner unit, and personalized living space.

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Saigon rent bills

The price is not the biggest concern of the wealthy. In general, they need a high-end apartment to meet their requirements of modern living space, convenience, privacy and showing individual characteristics

said Mr. Ho Huu Tin – a longtime real estate investor.

These are also considered to be his priorities when searching for luxury apartments in Saigon. When considering a Saigon rent apartment, the top priority is isolation and privacy, followed by the apartment’s uniqueness and differentiation value. People with high income, especially the wealthy, tend to favor limited products.

To be specific, a limited collection of the highest value and the most original Saigon rent apartment. Reportedly, they are willing to pay extra money to request private architects to redesign the apartment as determined by their personal interests and lifestyle using world-class imported furniture.

One of the hottest Saigon rent apartment formula includes private elevator opening into the apartment, less than 100 apartments per project to ensure the uniqueness, 100% corner unit apartments with 3-4 facades that own the Panorama 360 degrees view.

Saigon rent bills

They are all enormous living space, designed in a unique style, managed and operated following 5-star hotel standards. Not to mention the integration of state-of-the-art utilities such as swimming pool, community park, spacious basement, Face ID scanning system or multi-layer dust filter system ensuring fresh air.

Saigon rent market still has plenty of room to develop high-end apartment projects to serve the currently promising market demand. Therefore, real estate investors are constantly expected to catch the right time as well as the demand for a true high class living space of the upper class.

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