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Top 5 of the best movie theaters in Saigon

Posted by Housingsgn on March 30, 2024

Are you an avid cinema enthusiast who has recently arrived in Saigon and is uncertain about the renowned movie theaters known for their exceptional quality? Allow us to guide you through an exploration of the premier cinema complexes with HOUSING SAIGON in the subsequent discourse.

1. CGV Cinemas

CJ CGV – A brand under CJ Group, one of the leading diversified conglomerates in South Korea, present in 21 countries worldwide. CJ CGV is one of the largest cinema complexes globally and a leading film distributor. With its unique position, CGV not only provides a diverse cinema experience with advanced technologies like IMAX, STARIUM, 4DX, Dolby Atmos, but also combines it with unique cuisine and the highest quality services.

CGV Cinemas

Additionally, CGV is the first cinema system in Vietnam to have premium screening rooms such as L’amour, Premium, Gold Class, Stadium, Art House, along with Sweet Box seats for couples to enjoy a private space. CGV also regularly offers attractive promotions for students and members.

2. Lotte Cinema

Established in 2008, with its first branch at Lotte Cinema Diamond – Ho Chi Minh City, Lotte Cinema Vietnam continuously strives to bring vivid and authentic cinema experiences to the audience. Lotte Cinema commits to relentless efforts to provide the best quality service, aiming to bring international standards at reasonable prices.

Lotte Cinema

Especially in recent years, Lotte Cinema has heavily invested in modern technology and equipment such as Superplex screening rooms with the largest screen in Vietnam, Dolby Atmos sound, and Prestige seats at Lotte Cinema Diamond. These upgrades enhance the movie-watching experience, meeting the audience’s needs better. Lotte Cinema also regularly organizes events, promotions, and discounts to encourage audiences to enjoy movies at discounted prices, along with unique and attractive gifts.

3. Galaxy Cinema

Galaxy Cinema (a brand of Thiên Ngân Film Joint Stock Company) entered the high-end cinema market in May 2005. Galaxy Cinema continuously strives to meet the entertainment and relaxation needs of movie fans according to high international standards. Designed and installed by experts from Warner Bros Group from Hollywood, Galaxy Cinema’s 2D and 3D screening rooms feature leading screen and surround sound technology in Vietnam.

Galaxy Cinema

With a mission to create a healthy entertainment environment, Galaxy Cinema is actively installing solar energy panels at some theaters and plans to further expand the use of solar energy. When you visit Galaxy Cinema, we believe you will be impressed and satisfied with the service and quality we provide. Visit our website, choose your favorite movie, and enjoy a great weekend with family and friends!

4. CineStar

CineStar – A place with modern technology and dedicated customer service. This cinema is a favorite destination for many students because of its reasonable ticket prices, appealing popcorn and drinks, along with premium services. The diverse and rich menu at CineStar is not only visually appealing but also delicious. Don’t forget to enjoy the fragrant butter popcorn when watching a movie here! The cinema complex provides ample space for press conferences, birthdays, gatherings with friends, etc. CineStar uses Dolby Atmos sound systems – optimal for high-end cinema screening rooms.


You also have the opportunity to participate in various events and promotions at CineStar, where there are always new movies and attractive offers. If you want to experience quality service while saving money, this is the ideal destination.

5. BHD Star Cineplex

BHD Star Cineplex is famous for its first theater opening in 2010 at Maximark 3/2 (now Vincom 3/2). BHD Star Cineplex is one of the fast-growing cinema chains in Vietnam, continuously opening theaters at prime locations in Ho Chi Minh City. With an increasing number of theaters, customers can easily choose the most convenient movie viewing location.

BHD Star Cineplex

BHD Star’s service quality meets the highest standards, with quick, comprehensive, and professional responses. The sound and image quality at BHD Star always meet high standards, determining the strong development of this system. New movies are regularly updated, eliminating any worries for the audience. With good quality and reasonable ticket prices, BHD Star is an excellent choice for young audiences, especially students.

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