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Decoration shops in Saigon

Posted by Housingsgn on April 28, 2024

For many, home decoration serves as a highly effective means of relieving stress, whether one owns or rents their dwelling. By shedding life’s pressures and devoting time to seek out and adorn their homes with cherished items, individuals often find solace in this pursuit. In Saigon, where can one find the finest decoration shops? Let’s explore together with HOUSING SAIGON.

1. Ironstyle

Address: 23/2 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Embracing the ethos of “Your Home Oasis, Our Commitment“, Ironstyle fully appreciates your aspiration to infuse your living space with comfort, contemporary flair, and a serene ambiance. Consequently, your quest revolves around discovering products that not only exude elegance and style but also cultivate an inviting and cozy atmosphere for your family members. Ironstyle’s array of interior décor items, ranging from wall clocks, paintings, and mirrors to bedside lamps, boasts diverse designs and styles, empowering you to curate your ideal indoor and outdoor settings effortlessly.


Beyond merely offering interior adornments, Ironstyle extends its offerings to outdoor spaces like balconies, providing artificial plants and flowers to evoke tranquility each time you return home.

Their interior décor selections also serve as thoughtful housewarming gifts for friends and associates, boasting reasonable pricing and impeccable quality to ensure utmost satisfaction. Moreover, if time constraints hinder your ability to embellish your abode, Ironstyle offers consultancy, design, and installation services, ensuring you attain the pinnacle of contentment with the end result.

2. Hay Decor

Address: 77 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City

Operating in the field of design, manufacturing, and installation of interior and exterior equipment, Hay Decor caters to showrooms, retail chains, offices, and residences. At Hay Decor, a plethora of decorative items awaits to adorn your home:

  • Vases: Bat Trang ceramic vases, Southern ceramic vases, glass vases, lacquer vases, wooden vases
  • Woven items: rattan and bamboo weavings, lacquer bamboo baskets
  • Wall decor: mirrors, clocks, hooks, paintings, and frames
  • Decorative items: candles and candle holders, Southern pottery figurines
  • Garden decor

With its own workshop, Hay Decor meticulously controls every stage of production, from material selection to finished products. This ensures competitive quality at reasonable prices, following the motto “Workshop Quality – Workshop Price“.

Hay Decor

Hay Decor consistently integrates modern styles into its designs and construction projects. With contemporary designs, versatile functionality, advanced materials, and technology, Hay Decor aims to offer Vietnamese people a more enriched living experience at reasonable costs. Prioritizing production in Vietnam and crafted by skilled artisans, each product from Hay Decor is tailored to fit every space perfectly, boasting dynamic and flawless designs.

3. Vstation

Address: 306A Nguyen Thuong Hien, Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

For those who adore the super cute Korean style, VStation is a must-visit destination. If you’re a fan of all things pink and find yourself wandering into this shop, you’re guaranteed to “empty your pockets” before leaving. From decorative items for your room to small accessories for school, VStation has everything you need. Just a glance at the adorable items here can make all your worries disappear. Among VStation’s specialties, the most impressive are their Canvas paintings, night lights, mini LED lights, and glowing boxes featuring cute animal designs and sweet pastel colors. All the decorative items here are incredibly charming, and a visit will leave you wanting more.


One of the simplest ways to beautify your home is by using small decorative items and accessories to enhance and highlight the overall space. At VStation, in addition to their high aesthetic appeal and sophistication, all products are highly practical. Items like mirrored trays for holding perfume, leather shelves for phones and remotes, or magazine racks are not only decorative but also highly functional. Therefore, visiting VStation makes it easy for you to find delightful decorative products to adorn your home and make it shine even brighter.

4. Misa House

Address: 151 Chan Hung, Ward 6, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Misa House specializes in selling beautiful home decor products, including items for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and stylish furniture, as well as housewarming gifts, all at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Operating with the aim of enabling all their beloved customers to personally decorate their homes without breaking the bank, Misa House ensures that every customer can transform their living space into a luxurious and sparkling abode.

Misa House

Their products help make your home look elegant and glamorous, providing a space where you can relax and feel comfortable after a long day at work. It’s also a place where you can proudly gather with friends or welcome esteemed guests. To meet these expectations, Misa House continually seeks out the most beautiful and reasonably priced decorative items to offer their customers.

5. The Craft House

Address: 1st Floor, 28 Nguyen Trai, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The Craft House, affectionately known as the Artisan Home, is the haven of modern, creative, and unique designs and handmade products. Established in 2017 by a group of young enthusiasts, it aims to introduce “proudly crafted in Vietnam” products to both domestic and international friends, serving as a medium to narrate the rich cultural essence of Vietnam. The diverse range of products at The Craft House includes office supplies, souvenirs, and household decorations, all of which can serve as unique gifts for friends, family, colleagues, or even oneself.

The Craft House

With a vision to become a hub connecting artisans and craft lovers, The Craft House aspires to lead Vietnam in the gift and souvenir market, offering high-quality, unique handmade products to both domestic and global markets. It aims to build and affirm Vietnam’s position in the international arena through its exceptional craftsmanship.

Each display shelf at The Craft House is crafted from rustic wood, resembling the form of a home. This creates an inspiring space for those who cherish uniqueness and the beauty of simplicity in design.

The Craft House will continue to be the shared home of handmade products from across the country, attracting individuals who appreciate exploring the beauty of Vietnam’s rustic and exquisite cultural essence.

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