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Thao Dien, District 2: Best area to stay in Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Housingsgn on May 31, 2019

Besides District 1 and 3, if you want to find a location which is tucked near a dramatic meander of Saigon River, and bounded by the massive Hanoi Highway, check out District 2. It would be just the perfect one!

Best Area to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City for coolest expat neighborhood

Thao Dien District 2

Located a little bit outer from the city center, District 2 is a less crowded and less expensive district to live in. Thao Dien is a ward in District 2, on the other side of the river of the historic Saigon centre. Thao Dien is snugly tucked into a dramatic meander of the Saigon River, and bounded by the massive Hanoi Highway, making it a clearly defined enclave.

  • Shopping: Annam market, Estella Heights shopping mall, Vincome Mega Mall, Metro,…
  • Restaurant and café: Dolphy Cafe, which is on a prominent corner of Thao Dien Road,  Shin Coffee, Lusine, Hue Cafe Roastery,  Voelker Bakery, Phats Dumpling House, Saigon Outcast and The Factory being artist-friendly.

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Expat-friendly shops, supermarket and restaurants.


Just looking at it on the map you would guess it would be a swampy kind of place, and sure enough it’s prone to flooding during the wet season.


Apartment building in Thao Dien: Masteri Thao Dien, Estella, Tropic Garden, Gateway, Nassim,…

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