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Buy medicine in Saigon – Top 7 of the best places you should know

Posted by Housingsgn on April 29, 2024

In Ho Chi Minh City, the proliferation of pharmacies is undeniable, with new establishments continually entering the market. However, this surge in availability has posed a challenge for consumers seeking reputable sources for quality medications and reliable medical guidance. To circumvent the confusion and mitigate the potential risk of counterfeit products, opting for established pharmacies is prudent.

Here, we present a compilation of major pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City, recognized for their commitment to providing authentic medications and trustworthy medical advice.

1. Pharmacity

Currently, Pharmacity has numerous pharmacies nationwide, forming a strong and reputable pharmacy network. In Ho Chi Minh City, Pharmacity pharmacies are present in most districts and wards, making it easy for customers to find and purchase medication whenever needed.


Pharmacity offers a wide range of western medications, as well as fast-moving consumer goods. Therefore, shopping here is very convenient. Additionally, Pharmacity pharmacies often hold promotional programs and offer discounts for new customers and members.

2. Long Chau Pharmacy

Long Chau Pharmacy

By August 2022, Long Chau had 168 pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City. When purchasing medication at Long Chau, you will receive detailed and specific advice regarding the symptoms you are experiencing. For patients buying prescription medications, Long Chau offers a wide variety of drugs, providing complete prescriptions for customers.

3. ECO Pharmacy

Unlike the nationwide development of pharmacy chains like Pharmacity and Long Chau, ECO pharmacies focus solely on developing their system in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, there are 10 ECO pharmacies located in various districts and wards.

ECO Pharmacy

Although the number of pharmacies is not extensive, ECO pharmacies are well-established and reputable. They have earned high praise from consumers. The ECO pharmacy chain is the first in Vietnam to meet all three standards: GPP, GDP, and WHO-GSP. When purchasing medication at ECO, customers receive advice from experienced pharmacists and professional sales staff, and the medications are offered at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, ECO pharmacies also operate a website for selling medications, which is very convenient for customers who cannot visit the pharmacies in person.

4. Tan Phu Pharmacy

Tan Phu Pharmacy is one of the major pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City with a history of over 40 years. With its extensive experience, Tan Phu Pharmacy has earned a significant level of trust from its customers.

Tan Phu Pharmacy

Tan Phu Pharmacy assures customers that 100% of the advice provided to customers comes from University Pharmacists and 100% of the products sold at the pharmacy are licensed for circulation in Vietnam.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of medications, dietary supplements, medical equipment, and cosmetics. All products at Tan Phu Pharmacy are carefully selected to ensure quality and reasonable prices to cater to the needs of the majority of Vietnamese workers.

5. Phuong Chinh Pharmacy

Phuong Chinh Pharmacy was established in 1988. Phuong Chinh Pharmacy has multiple branches in Hanoi located in prime locations. However, in Ho Chi Minh City, there is currently only one branch in Ward 14, District 10.

Phuong Chinh Pharmacy

The team of pharmacists at Phuong Chinh is continuously trained to keep up with new knowledge, ensuring accurate medication advice. Phuong Chinh Pharmacy offers a rich and diverse product catalog with over 10,000 items, including products that are difficult to find in the market.

One of the customer-friendly policies of Phuong Chinh Pharmacy is its “30-day return and refund policy”, ensuring immediate refund for returned items.

6. An Khang Pharmacy

An Khang Pharmacy, formerly known as Phuc An Khang Pharmacy, was established in 2002. In 2017, it became a member of the Mobile World Group and officially changed its name to An Khang Pharmacy. Currently, the system has more than 580 pharmacies nationwide, including 176 pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City.

An Khang Pharmacy

An Khang Pharmacy always serves customers based on four criteria:

  1. Sufficient supply of the medications you need.
  2. Clear origin of products.
  3. Attentive consultation services.
  4. Reassurance regarding pricing.

7. Phano Pharmacy

Phano Pharmacy was established in 2007 and is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Ho Chi Minh City. With over 60 branches nationwide, Phano Pharmacy is a pioneer in the model of pharmacies within shopping centers and supermarkets.

Phano Pharmacy

Phano Pharmacy is committed to providing customers with genuine products, ensuring that the medications sold are appropriate for the corresponding illnesses.

Additionally, the pharmacy offers loyalty programs where members can accumulate points for redeeming gifts.

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