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Dealing with Noise in Homes in Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Housingsgn on January 12, 2024

Noise pollution in Ho Chi Minh City is becoming an increasingly serious issue, particularly due to the impact of urban traffic and personal entertainment activities such as karaoke within residential areas. The main cause of this situation lies in the intensification of urban traffic, especially personal vehicles, coupled with the tendency of many households to engage in home-based entertainment activities like karaoke without considering the noise impact on the surrounding community.

Dealing with Noise in Homes in Ho Chi Minh City

To address this problem, there are several effective solutions. Firstly, engaging in direct communication with neighbors is a crucial step. Through a gentle and respectful conversation, expressing the inconvenience caused by the noise, and negotiating with them to limit karaoke activities during appropriate times, especially at night.

Additionally, reaching out to apartment or building managers is a wise approach to report the situation and request their intervention. Managers can communicate noise regulations and require neighbors to comply while assisting in the conflict resolution process.

In cases where the noise persists and becomes troublesome despite conversations and reports to management, considering involving the police for legal intervention is an option. Furthermore, using soundproofing materials in your living space is an effective solution to minimize noise from outside.

It is essential to note that the process of addressing this issue should unfold in a spirit of respect and courtesy, avoiding further conflicts and tension within the community.


Living in older apartment buildings can sometimes bring about its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to implementing strict time regulations for renting homes. These charming, yet aged spaces may face difficulties in adapting infrastructure and communal amenities to adhere to modern rules.

Dealing with Noise in Homes in Ho Chi Minh City

One notable difficulty is introducing strict time regulations for the use of shared spaces within the building. Outdated alert systems and communication methods often contribute to confusion in conveying rules and guidelines to residents.

However, fear not! There are some friendly and effective ways both residents and landlords can navigate these challenges. Firstly, arranging a suitable schedule for shared space usage is key. Residents can come together, have a chat, and find common ground, minimizing conflicts and fostering a harmonious community.

Direct communication with the landlord is also a great approach. By engaging in open dialogue, residents can discuss and agree upon rules, seeking understanding and support to create a peaceful and cooperative living environment.

Lastly, giving a heads-up to the landlord in case of a potential delay is a proactive measure. This helps avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise due to unannounced late arrivals. Keeping communication positive and open between residents and landlords is the magic ingredient to overcoming challenges in implementing strict regulations in these charming, older apartment buildings.

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