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Top 6 of the most beautiful and reputable nail salons in Saigon

Posted by Housingsgn on April 29, 2024

Recognizing this burgeoning trend, an increasing number of nail salons are emerging to cater to this psychological desire. Yet, amid this proliferation, not all establishments uphold the standards of quality and professionalism. Therefore, HOUSING SAIGON presents a discerning selection of the most exquisite and esteemed nail salons in Ho Chi Minh City. These venues promise not only to enhance your appearance but also to imbue you with a radiance, confidence, and allure surpassing all expectations.

1. Lisa Nail & Spa

In Ho Chi Minh City, Lisa Nail & Spa is a hotspot for young people with trendy nail designs updated daily. The salon currently has 2 branches located in District 1 and District 3 on very convenient streets for you to commute to for beauty treatments.

Lisa Nail & Spa

This is a Korean-style nail salon, distinguished by its subtle white-brown color scheme and lush greenery, creating a cozy space for beauty enthusiasts. The nail area is furnished with comfortable nail chairs. Although the design is relatively simple, it provides full functionality and creates a professional, upscale atmosphere, ensuring that customers have a good impression and remember the brand when experiencing the services.

Moreover, at Lisa Nail & Spa, you will be taken care of with a professional nail care process by a highly skilled team of staff and explore genuine nail polish imported from abroad with a diverse, hottest color palette.

Not only does it meet all the desires of customers regarding nail styles that you aspire to, regardless of your distinctive outfits, the salon can exclusively design nail shapes that suit you. Especially with extremely affordable prices, Lisa Nail & Spa is always a preferred choice among beautiful nail salons in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to nail services, when you visit Lisa Nail & Spa, you can also experience services such as Chinese-standard hair washing, heel scrubbing, body massage, and relaxing neck and shoulder massages to energize you for a long tiring day.

Why should you choose Lisa Nail & Spa?

  • Lisa’s house specializes in nail styles from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea with many unique, impressive designs for you to freely choose from
  • Lisa always updates the latest trends to serve customers
  • Using reputable, quality, and safe products for customers
  • A charming space with pleasant essential oil fragrances
  • Skilled, professional, and friendly technicians
  • Tools are always sterilized to medical standards
  • Many attractive promotional programs

With a cute appearance, top-notch service, Lisa Nail & Spa promises to bring customers the best and most professional experiences. As women, everyone wants to be beautiful from head to toe, so don’t wait any longer, quickly book an appointment at Lisa Nail & Spa to own yourself the most beautiful, stylish nail set.

In addition, Lisa Nail & Spa is also a reputable nail training center, trusted by many academies over the years. If you need advice on services or courses, you can quickly contact Lisa Nail & Spa through the information below.

2. Nuli Beauty

Modern women always have smart choices for sustainable, trendy, and health-friendly beauty practices. And Nuli Beauty can definitely help you care for, nurture, and rejuvenate your nails with luxurious procedures and genuine products imported from South Korea and the USA, ensuring utmost safety and professionalism. Each customer visiting the salon is provided with their own pack (including cuticle cutters, nippers, and pushers), and daily disinfection is conducted according to medical standards.

Nuli Beauty

If you haven’t yet chosen your favorite nail design, don’t worry, because Nuli Beauty always updates the latest, modern, and incredibly unique nail trends. Surely, you will find your “beloved” nail design. So, why hesitate? “Refresh” your nails with some super cute “outfits” from Nuli Beauty now.

Not just a nail salon, Nuli Beauty offers a full range of services from A to Z to ensure that you emerge feeling like a “goddess” right when you step out, including: Nail care, keeping up with the latest hot nail trends; Hair washing and scalp care to make you feel comfortable and have shiny hair; Natural eyelash extensions to enhance your gaze; Relaxing massages to completely eliminate stress; Waxing to keep you confident and score points with your partner.

With a gentle, feminine space and a private design, Nuli Beauty prioritizes comfort for ladies to relax after hours of work. If you’re tired, it’s okay to refuse anyone, but never refuse Nuli Beauty because it will surely help you stay Beautiful – Comfortable – Charming every day.

3. Phoenix Boutique Salon

Located at 102 Tran Nao, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City (formerly District 2), Ho Chi Minh City, Phoenix Boutique Salon has recently become a hotspot for young people in Saigon with its beautiful nail designs and luxurious, upscale space.

Phoenix Boutique Salon

When you visit Phoenix Boutique Salon, you’ll first be invited to enjoy tea and snacks. Then, the technicians will assess the condition of your nails and provide advice on nail styles that suit your hand shape and preferred nail concept. Whether you prefer standout styles with sparkling gems, mirrored finishes, intricate designs, or simple color combinations, the highly skilled and professional technicians at Phoenix Boutique Salon are ready to cater to your needs.

In addition to nail services, when you visit Phoenix Boutique Salon, you can also experience services such as traditional hair washing combined with head and neck massages, herbal foot soaks, heel scrubs, exfoliation, and relaxing hand and foot massages to recharge your energy after a long day.

Why should you choose Phoenix Boutique Salon?

  • Diverse range of nail designs, featuring popular styles in the market.
  • Premium quality gel nail polish with a wide range of colors, from elegant vintage to sweet pastel jelly, ensuring 100% authenticity.
  • Friendly, lovely, and highly skilled staff members.
  • Luxurious beauty space.
  • Thoroughly sanitized tools and equipment.
  • Welcome treats of tea and snacks, and complimentary fruit juice or coffee for bills over 500k.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount by checking in on Facebook fan page and Google Maps.

With the expectation of providing professional beauty experiences, genuine relaxation, and comfort, Phoenix Boutique Salon promises to be a familiar destination for ladies seeking to own beautiful and impressive nails.

4. Trang Nail Care

Not only known as a renowned nail training center, but the Trang Nail Care salon system is also a familiar beauty destination for many ladies in District 7 and Ho Chi Minh City in general. Here, there is no shortage of beautiful, unique nail designs for ladies to choose from, with the most prominent being the stunningly adorned nail designs that are sure to captivate anyone at first sight.

Trang Nail Care

The clever combination of nail polish colors with unique patterns and motifs is the highlight that creates perfect beauty for the nail sets that Trang Nail Care offers to customers. Every stroke, every intricately printed detail on the nails is executed with meticulousness and utmost care. The Trang Nail Care salon system has a wide range of eye-catching gel colors and trendy nail art designs, something not every nail salon possesses. This advantage has helped the salon attract a large number of customers, and this number is continuously increasing every year.

Under the skilled and dedicated hands of the artisans at Trang Nail Care, you’re sure to leave with a stunning set of nails. Not only does Trang Nail Care provide satisfaction with its unique and impressive nail designs, but the salon system also delights customers with modern facilities, top-notch beauty equipment, and meticulous hygiene practices. All nail tools are thoroughly sanitized before use, ensuring absolute safety for every customer.

5. Kolour de Beauty

Kolour de Beauty was established to provide customers with impressive nail sets and the best service possible. At Kolour de Beauty, the team of staff members with at least 2-3 years of experience in nail art and gel application has satisfied most customers, even those visiting for the first time. Customers can choose from the latest designs frequently updated by the salon, ranging from unique styles to premium nail polish options and accessories.

Kolour de Beauty

The services offered here are diverse, from artistic nail design and acrylic nail application to gel nail application with a wide range of trendy designs. Therefore, visit Kolour de Beauty to enjoy the best nail services in Ho Chi Minh City. Putting customers at the center to maximize satisfaction with beauty needs has led to a large number of customers, without the need for much advertising.

6. Haley Beauty

Haley Beauty will be the next name mentioned in the list of reputable nail salons in Ho Chi Minh City. Although established not long ago, Haley Beauty has gained a fairly strong position in the hearts of customers due to its meticulousness in posts on the fanpage as well as its service quality.

Haley Beauty

The gentle, elegant, and feminine style with pastel-tone nail polishes is the distinctive point and prominent feature of Haley Beauty compared to other nail salons. You will become sweeter and fresher when you own a meticulously groomed nail set by the professional technicians here. Another plus point for Haley Beauty is the extremely diverse range of nail designs, suitable for various ages and different personalities.

Apart from the diversity in nail colors and designs, Haley Beauty also ensures the hygiene quality of the nail tools, providing customers with absolute peace of mind about their health when using the services here. The staff at Haley Beauty are both highly skilled and friendly. If you trust and choose Haley Beauty to “treat” your nails, then book an appointment in advance or visit the salon’s fanpage to check out some beautiful nail designs, helping you save maximum time during your beauty routine.

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