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10 ways to save electricity and reduce electricity costs during hot summer days

Posted by Housingsgn on April 29, 2024

Amidst the prevailing sweltering conditions in the Vietnam southern provinces, a surge in electricity usage has become a notable consequence. This heightened demand raises apprehensions regarding the subsequent escalation of electricity expenses for households across the region. Forecasts indicate a prolonged duration of the heatwave, extending potentially until April 2024.

10 ways to save electricity and reduce electricity costs during hot summer days

In tandem with the imperative of maintaining the reliability and uninterrupted functionality of the electrical grid to cater to the populace’s energy needs, the Southern Power Corporation assumes an additional role. Notably, it endeavors to augment public consciousness regarding judicious electricity utilization, offering counsel on safe, efficient, and economical practices.

So, what are some ways to save electricity?

1. Enhancing indoor greenery

Amidst hot weather, with temperatures ranging from 35-40 degrees Celsius, lush green plants are the “cooling medicine” for both the atmosphere and your spirit, while also creating a green space to mitigate the impact of harsh sunlight entering the house.

2. Use curtains to avoid sunlight

During excessively sunny weather, pulling curtains closed will help keep the indoor air cooler and more ventilated. Instead of thin curtains that still let light in, consider choosing curtains with neutral colors and a white lining material. These layered curtains can reduce heat by up to 33%.

3. Limit the simultaneous use of electrical appliances during peak hours

During peak hours from 9:30-11:30 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening, households should only use essential and energy-efficient appliances that are certified.

4. Use windows to let in cool air at night

As night falls, the temperature will significantly drop compared to daytime. Therefore, instead of using air conditioning throughout the night, opening windows while sleeping will take advantage of the cool air from the breeze and air conditioning in your home.

5. Change habits of using cooling devices

Air conditioning: Increasing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius can save 2-3% of energy consumption, so set the air conditioner above 26 degrees Celsius during the day, turn off the air conditioner at night, and open windows to let in the cool air. This is one of the ways to save electricity for air conditioning.

10 ways to save electricity and reduce electricity costs during hot summer days

Fan: Unplug remote control sockets and turn off the fan after use.

6. Use the refrigerator properly

Place the refrigerator at least 10 cm away from the wall. Ensure that the temperature inside the refrigerator fluctuates between 3-6 degrees Celsius and the freezer is set between -15 to -18 degrees Celsius.

Especially, avoid opening the refrigerator on these hot days as every time it’s opened, the refrigerator encounters a hot air stream, causing it to balance the set temperature again. This results in higher energy consumption.

7. Pay attention to the energy efficiency rating

Before purchasing an electrical appliance, you need to understand the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) to choose the most energy-efficient device.

The higher this index, the higher the estimated energy efficiency. Therefore, you should buy new appliances with a note that says “Energy Saving”.

8. Regularly clean electrical appliances

Cleaning appliances, removing all dust, helps double their efficiency, making lights brighter and fans stronger.

This electricity-saving method allows you to reduce the number of lights and fans operating in the house while still meeting the cooling and lighting needs.

9. Unplug electrical devices when not in use

There is a fact that electrical appliances such as computers, TVs, speakers,… even when turned off, can still consume electricity. Although the energy consumption at that time is not high, in the long run, the amount you have to spend is still significant. Therefore, pay attention to unplugging devices when not in use.

10. Install energy-saving light bulbs

Instead of installing a lighting device for each room, using one bulb together will maximize the amount of electricity you use.

For household electrical appliances, you should choose LED bulbs, avoid using incandescent bulbs that generate heat and consume energy. In addition, take advantage of natural light to save electricity.

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