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5 tips for upgrading your rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Housingsgn on June 18, 2019

Although you will move out your apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, sometimes sooner than expected, it can be difficult to justify spending a great deal on the decor. But that doesn’t mean they you cant design ad get creative you’re staying in it.

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1. Hang bamboo blinds

Upgrading your rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Let us count the ways we love bamboo blinds: They’re cheap, they soften sunlight without blocking it out, and they basically make any room feel like a sun porch at the beach. Oh, and you can get them on Amazon Prime and then screw them in in about five minutes.

2. Swap out cabinet knobs

Unscrew existing pulls on cabinets and drawers and store them in a safe place, then DIY your own or scout some in the clearance bin at Anthropologie. “Anything that screws off can be screwed back on when you move and won’t do permanent damage,” Kalita notes.

3. Sticker over a bad kitchen floor

Upgrading your rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

We wouldn’t have believed this could be done to elegant effect until we saw designer Brady Tolbert’s rental kitchen – and he didn’t spend more than $50 and one afternoon lining them up over his ugly tile floors. Look for simple, solid colors and pattern them in a simple alternating design.

4. Get a new shower head

You know, so it’s actually pleasant to take a shower in your shower? You can find it on Tiki or Lazada, It is great that the water pressure is better and stronger.  

5. Just add plants

Consider that there are thousands kind of plants—some even shade-loving varieties!—that will grow happily indoors.  You can find local garden or search online, there are many local website with English speaking call center to help you.  Keywords are Green office, Cay Xanh Van Phong, Cay Xanh trong nha (indoor plants).

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