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The differences between high and low rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Housingsgn on December 23, 2019

Ho Chi Minh real estate market has recently witnessed a revival in the luxury apartment market depicting a remarkable growth. However, the low rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh remains as a popular option for the middle class. While luxurious apartments raise the bar on quality, convenience and comfort, standard apartment offers its own advantages.

Regarding rentals, high rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh fetches above 40% higher than low rent apartments, depending on amenities and location. On the other hand, the determiner for luxury or regular apartments is more than just money.

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Location and neighborhood

Location and neighborhood

Luxurious apartments mainly center around up-scale neighborhoods in Saigon. Building owners offers particular neighborhoods to appeal a specified clientele.

Low rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh has been proliferating in newly forming neighborhoods. Enormous properties accompany a community area, offering effective support systems. The neighborhood and public amenities gradually develop as more and more residents moving in.

Comfort and Amenities

Comfort and Amenities

High-end apartments provide a vast array of amenities for your modest comfort. You are easily overwhelmed by generous choices – from roof-top pools to canopied walkways. A luxury living space offers lifestyle conveniences letting you live such a king-size life with state of the art construction materials.

Low rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh offers standard facilities such as power back-up or a functional fitness center, for all residents.

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Highly secure environment

Highly secure environment

Luxury apartments are equipped with higher standards of security. Emergency buzzers, fire chutes and top-notch security installations guarantee a stress-free living environment. Numerous high-end apartments even furnish home automation, solar generators, medical emergency relief rooms and so on.

Regular apartments provide with collective installations and secure access through security guards or electronic cards. Those apartments have a limited budget for security and heavily depend on outsourced agencies.

While it’s difficult to comprehend which side, the interest for both high and low rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh are on a promising growth. At the end of the day, your ultimately decision relies on a proper balance of personal preferences and economic ability.

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