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4 things to know about the security deposit

Posted by Housingsgn on March 12, 2019
  • Most landlords required one or two months rent for a deposit.
  • The first payment will include bond (one or two months rent) and the first month rent.
  • Rent payment is usually paid monthly or quarterly or half year (6-month payment upfront always get a discount).

To get the deposit back when you break the lease contract

Security deposit

Please noted that this bond amount will not be refunded if you terminate the contract prior to the expiry date, except some reasons:

1. Contract term

There always be a clause or a section included that allow you to terminate your leasing contract. It is usually stated in the payment term or deposit term. You can legally terminate and even get compensation.

2. Introduce new tenant

If you break the lease due to your personal issue (job moving, marriage,…), find a new renter might be a good idea. The new tenant will replace you and pay for your rent if you have to move out early. This is often the most comfortable way to solve this situation.

There are always people who are willing to take your place on expat group on facebook or craiglist. Make sure to give your landlord a prior notice (USUALLY ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE) to create proper transparency.  

3. Negation with Landlords

When you move in, the landlords have to pay the agent and marketing fees. Also, there will be missing rents and waiting vacancy fee for the new tenant but there is always a chance that you should let them (and your agent) know what happened to you. For example:

  • If you have serious illness or a family member loss,
  • If you have serious accident to you or your loved ones,
  • They might understand and willing to refund the deposit in these cases.

4. Exceptions

Check for a breach in contract and see if you can prove the landlords has violated these specific clauses:

  • The landlord do not provide proper running water or electricity (24 hours except the issues from the provider)
  • The landlord do not provide the necessary repair (usually within 7 days)
  • The landlord do not ensure safety and health conduct within the place (no necessary repair or support to fix them within 7 days).

Don’t forget to keep all proofs (emails, chats, photos) to show to the landlords and police.

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