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F0 home care guide from A to Z

Posted by Housingsgn on August 17, 2021

Four isolating principles will be mentioned in this article alongside an emergency phone number in case you are undergoing difficult times and you need some support. There are also noticeable key points that you need to read through to control the treatment.

Ho Chi Minh City announced the continued application of Directive 16 from August 15 to the end of September 15, 2021.

Covid-19 guide from A to Z

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To reduce pressure on hospitals and concentrated isolation areas, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam has been piloting isolation and treatment of FO at home since this August. The model will be applied in the epic of Ho Chi Minh City and areas with high infections when the number of infections increases rapidly while medical facilities are reaching capacity.

Patients will be consulted, guided in treatment, and provided medicines FREE by local medical staff. Here are some general guidelines for self-monitoring for an F1 or F0 person isolating at home.

  • Wearing a mask: regularly wear a mask unless eating and personal hygiene, change the mask twice a day.
  • Disinfection: regularly disinfect your hands and frequently touched objects such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, and sinks.
  • Eat healthily: eat enough meals a day and enough nutrients, strengthen your immune system.
  • Keep an emergency number: ask for an emergency medical phone number so that you can be contacted if needed.

Emergency phone numbers you should know:

  • When there are signs of high fever, sore throat, loss of smell, diarrhea: Call 1022 for consultants.
  • If there are emergency signs such as difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, cyanosis, Sp02 < 95%: Call 115 for immediate medical assistance.
  • What is SP02 Index? How is this important to monitoring?

Covid-19 guide


2. Important parameters you need to know: SP02

  • This is an indicator of Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • The index of a normal healthy person is: 95-100
  • A reading below 90 is low and requires urgent medical intervention.

The SpO2 index is considered one of the body’s vital signs, along with other signs such as temperature, pulse, breathing rate and blood pressure. When the body is deprived of blood oxygen, organs such as the heart, liver, brain, … will quickly suffer negative effects.

3. When monitoring a FO at home, it is possible to monitor this index with a dedicated tracker (the most accurate), a smart watch (smart watch, apple watch, fitbit…), via phone apps.

4. People should refer to more deep breathing exercises, to increase the quality of their breath to ensure that the amount of oxygen in the blood is in good quality.

Kind regards and hope everyone is safe!

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