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Ho Chi Minh expat living in Covid-19 lockdown

Posted by Housingsgn on August 11, 2021

Information about Directive 16 in Ho Chi Minh City, after more than 1 month of implementation.

  • 1st time: From 9 Jul to 23 Jul, 2021
  • 2nd time: From July 24 to August 1, 2021
  • 3rd time: From August 2 to August 15, 2021

Ho Chi Minh expat living in Covid-19 lockdown

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Main provisions in Directive 16

  • Isolation by family: please do not leave the house when not necessary such as buying food, medicine, going to the hospital, etc
  • Only the following organizations are allowed to operate: government agencies, banks, essential services (medical, food, necessities, charity kitchens), delivery services (Grab, Ahamove, Nowfood ….), construction sites,…
  • Organizations that are allowed to operate must comply with “3 Onsite”: production, isolation, accommodation on site.

New changes in August

  • People will be given coupons to shop in the local supermarket (2 coupons/week/family), with a specified date to go out
  • People with vaccination schedules are allowed to go out by appointment
  • The local market/ wet market is reopened but limited to 30% of the previous size
  • The city is controlling the pandemic well, and keeping the “green area” safe. Thank you for taking this quarantine seriously. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal operations soon.

Online Shopping Apps You Should Know

Chopp: A shopping app

  • Pros: It has an English version, linked to popular supermarkets in the city
  • Cons: Long delivery time (during the gap period), no cash payment
  • Website:

Mio: A shopping app

  • Pros: Buy directly from local production source, good price
  • Cons: Does not support English, the number of products is limited
  • Website:

Shopee food: A shopping app

GrabMart: Shopping app

Medigo: Medicine purchase app

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